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Washing Machine Maintenance

Almost all appliances require regular maintenance and care in order to function well. Poorly maintained washing machines are at risk of developing mold and mildew and often make their owners to look for washing machine maintenance service. They can also malfunction down the line so it’s important to maintain your appliances, including the washer. At Your Appliance Repair, we always recommend professional appliance repairs and maintenance but there are some steps you can take at home to help avoid big problems. Here are some habits you should adopt to keep washer problems at bay.

  • Make Sure the Machine is Balanced

    You need to make sure the washing machine is balanced and solidly anchored to a flat surface. Washers that aren’t balanced often vibrate and move around excessively and that can compromise the quality of the wash and damage the machine. It’s a good idea to keep the machine anchored to the floor in order to avoid excessive movement. The closer it is to the floor, the better. When you install the washer, make sure it’s completely level and solidly anchored to the surface it sits on.

  • Check the Hoses

    Hoses transport water to your washer and can develop problems over time. You need to check for signs of any wear and tear including cracks, flakiness, blistering, etc. on and around the hoses. Damaged hoses should be replaced immediately otherwise they can cause floods, which would lead to expensive repairs as well. You should call in a professional to handle repairs and replacements of these hoses. Most manufacturers recommend high-quality stainless steel hoses can easily last for five or more years.

  • Don’t Overload

    This is one of the most common mistakes washer owners make is overloading the machine. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stay within the load limit. Oversized loads will unbalance the machine and cause excessive movement and vibrations and that can damage the machine.

  • Use The Right Amount of Detergent

    Different machines have different detergent requirements and you need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions about the detergent quantity. Don’t follow the instructions mentioned by the detergent manufacturers because sometimes they might ask you to use more soap that you need. The washer manufacturers have the best instructions when it comes to detergent because they know what works with their machines.

  • Clean the Insides on a Monthly Basis

    You should clean the insides of the drum on a monthly basis in order to avoid growth of mold and remove all traces of detergent residue. Dirt, mold, and detergent particles can build up inside the drum and cause problems. One of the best ways to avoid this is to use drum-cleaning agents every month to clear the residue.

  • Clean the Fabric Softener Residue

    You need to clean the fabric softener residue from the dispenser regularly. The substance can build up over time and form gun-like blocks on the dispensers that are difficult to clean. You can use warm water and a rag to clean the softener residue from the dispenser regularly.

These steps will help you avoid big repairs and problems but not all problems are avoidable. In such cases, you need professional repair services in Los Angeles and that’s what we can provide at Your Appliance Repair.

Washing Machine Maintenance Is Included in Our Maintenance Plan

At Your Appliance Repair, we have a team of highly experienced technicians who we depend on to deliver customer centric appliance repair services. The $49 diagnostic fee will be waived off if you decide to engage to repair an appliance. We provide a 30-day labor and 3-month parts replacement warranty on all our repairs. If you want to learn more about our appliance repair service including washing machine maintenance, give us a call at 626 486-9901!

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