Burbank is a large city in Los Angeles County and a large city obviously has several homeowners with appliance troubles of their own. To make things worse, finding a service that provides Burbank appliance repair can be quite tough. Luckily, there’s always Your Appliance Repair to save the day. With Your Appliance Repair on your side, you will never have to worry about your household appliance repair in LA. We have all the expertise in the world concerning appliance repairs!

Burbank Appliance Repair Service By Highly Trained Technicians

Burbank Appliance Repair

We have a trustworthy team of technicians who will definitely get the job done in as little time as possible. So, if you ever have trouble with your home appliance, just register a complaint immediately with the Your Appliance Repair office.

We don’t compromise on quality to save a few dollars. All our parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer. This is another reason why our customers trust us. We just cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and quality of work. These are two things we prioritize and value more than the money we make. Our highly trained and experienced technicians understand the importance of customer service. They will be courteous to you at all times. They won’t try to cheat you unlike some other companies that offer Burbank appliance repair services.

So, if you look for household appliance repair in LA area including Burbank, our men are up to the task and they will give you the right quote. As a sign of our commitment to our clients, we are even offering a 6 month replacement warranty for our parts and a 30 day labor warranty.

Please note that we don’t offer sales. We don’t sell appliances or appliance parts. We are only into repair, service and maintenance. To learn more about our Burbank appliance repair service, please contact us.

Why Repair Broken Appliances?

When you give broken appliances away, one of two things can happen. They can be refurbished and sold for a cheaper price. Or they can be stripped of parts and discarded (rarely recycled). When they are discarded, they eventually end up in dumps causing environmental pollution. So that is not a good idea. The other alternative is to fix the appliance. Repair is actually cheaper than you think.

Your Appliance Repair offers household appliance repair in LA services which are priced at least 30% lower than that offered by other Los Angeles appliance repair companies. Moreover, we have fully stocked trucks. So we are able to offer same day repair service, saving both time and money.

We repair all types of appliances including air conditioners, stoves, dryers, dishwasher, microwaves, and others common appliances. We work with nearly all appliance brands including Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Bosch, Dacor, Viking, Kitchenaid, LG, and others.

Burbank Appliance Repair Testimonials

“I could’t find any reliable service before these guys came. The technician replaced a compressor and saved my Viking refrigerator’s life. The job was fair and I received warranty for the Labour and parts!”

Artem E.
Los Angeles, CA