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We have the knowledge and the tools to offer LG appliance services. Name the LG product you have and we will find a way to fix whatever is affecting it. We are leaders with regard to such LG repair Los Angeles services as LG washer repair, LG fridge maintenance, and fixing all other LG kitchen and laundry appliances and replacing its parts if needed as well. We didn’t earn that reputation without putting the work. We provide an expert service using factory approved parts that are covered by warranty and at price that will put a smile on your face.

Why We Are the Ones to Call for LG Appliance Service

There are plenty of brands out there that manufacture home electrical appliances. But, only a handful of them can earn the title of ‘Market Leader’. It isn’t enough for a brand to just sell high quality products. The products must be durable and reliable. Additionally, the product must be maintenance friendly and easy to service.

When speaking of such a brand, only a few come to mind. One of them happens to be LG. Anybody who owns an LG product knows how great they are. They are feature rich, technologically advanced and durable. While more popular here in the US for their smart phones and other consumer electronics, and not enjoying the same brand recognition as its fellow Korean company and arch rival Samsung; LG actually has a very large and well respected home appliances business, one that is starting to catch on in a big way here.

But, even the best of products may experience some kind of problem or the other as time passes by. This is unfortunately pretty much inevitable.

After all, they are machines at the end of the day and like all machines, they need to be maintained, serviced and eventually even repaired. If you're looking for help with your LG appliance, LG washing machine repair in particular, you've com to the right place! With Your Appliance Repair, you will never have to worry about losing your LG product. We can and have brought many appliances back from the brink where other firms considered it a write off.

LG appliances we handle

Since we are highly familiar with the entire line-up of home appliances from LG you should find our technicians up to the task no matter what trouble you are having. Our technicians possess the expertise to provide services in the following capacities: LG washing machine repair & LG dryer and fridge maintenance services and all other LG kitchen and laundry appliance services.

LG Appliance Service Features

At Your Appliance Repair, we have the knowledge and the tools to offer LG repair Los Angeles services. We are industry leaders because we use only factory approved parts that are covered by warranty. So, if you have an LG product that’s acting up, let us know. We’ll send over our technicians to have a look and get your equipment working again and have your favorite LG product back in action in no time.

LG Appliance Service Reviews

"I own a LG electric oven. It was delievered broken and started a fire during a cleaning cycle. The technician replaced the entire oven cavity,all elements and fans. It's been a month and looks that these guys did fair job!It's the best appliance service I have used. Thank you and good luck with your business!"

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