Frequently Asked Questions

Before you call us to schedule the appointment, you might want to find out some helpful information on our same-day appliances repair services, what is included in our service call charge, special offers, and service warranty.

How can I correctly assess if my appliance must be repaired or replaced?

As a golden rule, if the cost of repair exceeds half the cost of replacing the appliance with a comparable unit, you’re better off buying a new appliance.

According to Consumer Reports, appliances like dishwashers, top-freezer refrigerators and over-the-range microwaves should be replaced after six years; top-loader washers can deliver optimal performance for up to seven years before requiring a replacement; and gas or electric ranges, front-loader washing machines, side-by-side refrigerators and electric wall ovens must be replaced after eight years.

The reliability of an appliance also depends on its manufacturer; for instance, Consumer Reports finds that Kenmore, GE and Whirlpool are among the most reliable brands while those from LG, and Amana are among more repair-prone brands. However, you cannot accurately determine the necessity for replacement over repair without first diagnosing the problem in the appliance. Here's where our appliance service and repair expertise comes into the picture.

Our experienced technicians perform a full diagnostic check to correctly determine if your appliance can work well after a repair or it needs to be replaced entirely. We factor in predictable future performance and the costs of appliance repair Los Angeles to judge if there is any value in going ahead with the repair. If the appliance is found to be irreparable or you decide not to get it repaired, you only need to pay a service call charge, which includes diagnostics and a written estimate.

Can I buy new appliances, used appliances or appliance parts from you?

Your Appliance Repair is an appliance repair company. We repair, maintain and install household appliances, and are not in any way involved in the sale of appliances or appliance parts.

Do you buy used appliances?

No, we do not.

Am I expected to be at my residence during the scheduled appointment?

Yes, we request you to answer the phone and be present during your scheduled appointment window. In a case where the appliance is located in the common area of an apartment building, appliance repair can be carried out without requiring your presence. This, however, is not possible for individual single or multi-family residences. Should something come up and you cannot meet you appointment, please call us to reschedule or cancel.

Will I be charged twice if you're not carrying the required part(s) in your stock?

No, we won't charge you again when our technician is required to visit your home for the second time due to a non-availability of parts.

Can you bill me after the repair or create a billing account for me?

Our billing and non-CoD accounts are reserved for customers with a history of engaging our services, and whose credit worthiness has been validated by our accounting department. We request you to get in touch with our customer service staff for more details.

Do you offer a service warranty?

We pride ourselves on our top-notch workmanship and quick solutions. All our work is guaranteed and warranted. We offer a 6 month parts warranty and a 30-day labor warranty.

Do you serve all of Los Angeles?

Unfortunately, heavy traffic restricts us from providing our services in downtown Los Angeles and a few other areas of greater Los Angeles. For specific questions on cities we serve feel free to call us for more information.